Every church has its own style of worship. At Trinity, we follow an order of worship called the liturgy. The word liturgy means service. Of course, the whole life of a Christian is our liturgy—our service to the Lord. On Sunday mornings, the focus on service is two-fold.

The primary focus centers on God’s service to us through the Word (the Bible) and the Sacrament (Holy Communion). Another important emphasis in the Lutheran liturgy is our service to God. We believe this two-fold emphasis goes together: our service to God is the Spirit empowered response of God’s service to us. We maintain this emphasis throughout all our worship services at Trinity.

We believe you will enjoy the style of worship at Trinity, but as in any church you should expect to take a couple of Sundays to become accustomed to our way of praising God as a family of believers.

Each week, the service is printed entirely in the worship bulletin.   The Celebrate insert in the bulletin has the Bible readings printed for you. You are welcome to bring your own Bible and follow along there if you choose.  Music and singing are important parts of our worship as well. Loud or soft, in monotone or rich harmony, ancient or contemporary, all our praise is music to the Lord.

Our worship service is usually includes the following:

The Invocation

The Confession of Sins

The Announcement of Forgiveness (Absolution)

The Word

The Sermon

Our Reponse to the Word

Holy Communion

The Parted Blessing